Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Grand Lie

All iniquity against the Sovereign God in all of history, even back to the beginning, can be brought down to one statement:

"I can be like God."

Consider this statement:

"For you have said to yourself, I will ascend to heaven and set my throne above God's stars (angels).  I will preside on the mountain (kingdom)of the (lesser) gods (rulers of Earth) far away in the north.  I will climb to the highest heavens and be like the Most High."  Isaiah 14: 13-14
At the beginning of time, this statement was uttered by one of most beautiful, most radiant of all God's created beings.  He was called "light bearer."  

His name, was Lucifer.

Exalting and glorifying self, even unto the likes of God IS the origins of all iniquity in the world.  All throughout history and even into today, this rebellion/turning away can be seen, where humanity has decided that he/she alone is the determiner of his/her destiny, he/she alone is the source of his/her own power.  And that he/she alone can resolve their own dualistic conflicts and move beyond their own limited state of being.

It is a lie.  A grand lie.  THE grand lie. 

Free will is an immeasurably awesome gift, but one that must be treated with the utmost of respect and used with the utmost of wisdom. 

It behooves us to choose wisely.

Father, I pray that those who read this come to the realization that self and You are not one and the same.  And that they cannot elevate themselves unto You. Over and over, from the beginning of time, You have shown us that climbing the stairway to Heaven on our own efforts leads to nothing but destruction and failure. Lucifer’s proclamations of “I will” says it all.  It is not possible to will ourselves into Your Peace, Your Joy and Your Love.  And it is certainly not possible for us to become those things ourselves.  Choosing YOU as God keeps one in communion with You forever and ever.  Choosing self as god keeps one separated from You forever and ever.  I pray all who read this choose You.

In Your most Holy name I pray,

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Time out to make a joyful noise unto the Lord!

Oh today is just one of those days I wanna sing a little ditty and dance a little goofy because I so love the Lord!!!  Oh how different was my sight before He came to me.  Oh how much more I understand and see now that He has!   It is so, so true that He cannot be fully understood without the touch of His Spirit.  Words are just words until they are brought to life by His illuminating Presence.  So so so so different than who I thought He was before!!!  I was so limited in my understanding, in my mind, trying to figure it all out, thinking I knew.  Being a Christian, SO not about religion, not a set of rules, and sooooo not mundane or dire or limiting!!!   It is all about the RELATIONSHIP!   Deep, intimate, solid, abiding, continuously revealing, amazingly awe inspiring, JOYFUL, reverent (OH so reverent), gentle, overflowing and oh so sosososososososoosos Loving.  Like nothing else!!!!   It is in the relationship that I am renewed, retooled, given a new mind and a new heart, no longer relying on my own understanding but rather am able to see from His perspective. My will IS His will simply by the abiding nature of the relationship!!  My desire to praise Him, to be close to Him, to know Him is what brings it all into alignment.  I simply Love and worship Him and He does the rest!!   PURE HEAVEN!!!!! 

And it is this that has me dancing with utter joy today.  It's just so so so so wonderful, everything He has done, everything He is doing and everything He will do.  AMEN!!!!!!

So I dance on my tippy toes, and hum and whistle a little tune and shake my head about in a silly goofy way because I feel FREE and LIGHT and FULFILLED!!!  I shall not want, indeed!!!! 

Oh sweet, loving, complete, unchangeable, reliable, intimately personal Lord I pray that your Spirit pour out to overflowing on all who are seeking You, who don't know your purifying and clarifying touch, who crave it but don't know what it is they are truly craving.  Find those doors that you have knocked on that have opened even the SLIGHTEST crack and SHOWER the annointing oil of Your blessed Presence from the top of their head to the tips of their toes and let them SEEEEEE  just how free they can be in Your Light, Your Truth and Your Love. 

Hallelujahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!  Hallelujahhhhhhhhhhh!!!   Holy Holy Holy is Your Name!!!!  I praise You, I praise You today and for all of eternity.  AMEN!!!!!!!