Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I SHALL be moved

It is no small thing when the Creator of all things moves through your soul.  

He, that created every star in every galaxy in every corner of the unfathomable universe.  He that spoke the world we live in into existence.  He that formed the ant and the elephant, the grain of sand and the tallest mountain, the cloverleaf and the redwood tree.  

He that did all of these magnificent and incomprehensible things......

Is the same One who comes upon me now like the force of a mighty wind, yet with the gentlest of sighs as He whispers His Love through my being.  

This God who commands all of Creation with just the sound of His mighty voice, is the same Who caresses me softly in the enveloping arms of His graceful Presence.

And when in pain, confusion, and feeling loss as I was today, He came to me, in a way that He knew I could not  He came on the lilting voices of the singers I happened to flip the channel to on TV.   It was a replay of an unforgettable moment in the history of these 2 singers on stage.  One of those moments where what would normally have been just another performance of singing praise to God, turned into a very real and powerful movement of the Holy Spirit through them and everyone in the room.  I was transfixed, but closed.  Tears taunted the corners of my eyes but I would not let them out.   I was too deep in the confusion over the dichotomy of this profound conviction I have experienced and the pain of how it is changing relationships in my life.

But God pursued me anyway.  He came before me, and gently uncrossed my arms, He enveloped me in His Presence which felt like He was cradling my soul. 

WHAT IS THIS LOVE that I can hardly fathom!  That can so easily soften the porcupine prickles I erect around my heart when I am feeling hurt.  No one or thing has EVER been able to affect me so!  I have no defense from this Love.  He knows me so well and knows exactly what to do and what to say so that I will let down my walls and let Him in. 

I never knew that profound peace could co-exist with pain.  That in that pain, I could have perfect clarity that all was well.  And not just BELIEVE that it is well, but KNOW so because in His Grace, He shows me plainly why it is so.  

It is through this experience that I see the Truth of how His Glory is revealed through our trials and struggles.  And in doing so, it draws me ever closer to Him and reminds me that this Omniscient mighty God, Creator of the Heavens and the Earth, is also a personal God who is intimately in relationship with me.  

I am moved.

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