Friday, December 10, 2010

A short intermission

I wanted to post a short update to say that it will be a couple of days before I resume my postings.  Life in the physical has taken my focus for the moment with several things that need attending to including getting my 17 year old daughter a new car.  In one week she has put her current car in the ditch twice (lovely icy winter roads in an old car with rear wheel drive) and last night to the point that she probably totaled it.  (Car acted as a "plow" as it pushed sideways through a huge snow drift and put it out of alignment to the point where it's not worth sticking any more money in it).  She is ok, thank God, but it is clear she was watched over yet again while driving that car (there was another incident in the past, not accident related, that had us (her father and I) shaking our heads in awe that she was kept safe).  We no longer want to test her guardian angels so we will be focusing on getting her a new car.  :)

In addition, this weekend is when we will be putting our tree up, decorating and baking.  It also appears we are going to get walloped with another snow storm as well so it just feels like a good time to hunker down and cozy together as a family (which includes my sweetie Jerry, my 2 daughters Sarah (17) and Emily who will be 12 next week and my two "sons" (yorkshire terrier's) Koko and Scooter.

I wish you all a warm, safe and relaxing weekend.  I hope to resume postings on Monday.

Hugs and blessings,

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